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Why custom made?

There's a belief, that hose people makes customized shoe, whom got orthopedic problems with their feet. Partway it's true, because already with a small bunion can cause such a suffer in a ready to wear shoe...  With a custom made shoe eg. this problem can solved easily. THe last shoul be attached wit a piece of leather or cork, and the bunion would have its place inside of the shoe. There are some other small imperfectoin wich can be handled easily, like "hammer toe"... But back to the base, why custom made:  - Custom made shoes are customized for your feet . Have you ever the feeling, when picked up a new shoe, was tight and took ages get comfortable. Most of the feets got different width than the industrial lasts. The lasts mostly got mid-widht-size, but if the customer got wider feet? The shoemaker carefully meassure the feet, and add the last width, so the shoe wond feel untrodden. -Custom made shoes got better quality . The shoe desen't made in

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